Cash credit in 4 hours.

Nowadays everything has to go quickly and faster. It starts with the car and ends with a loan. Anyone who applies for a loan would prefer to have it immediately. However, there is always the path of the credit check in between. However, there are several ways to get a cash advance in 4 hours.

Information about the cash advance and the possibilities

Information about the cash advance and the possibilities

One thinks of the overdraft facility – in short called overdraft facility. Banks provide this cash credit in 4 hours if the account receives regular money. As a rule, banks approve up to three net monthly salaries. For example: If someone earns 2,000 USD net, the overdraft facility could be 6,000 USD. But this loan is very expensive. It is charged with a two-digit interest rate, often up to 15%.

The overdraft facility is intended for short-term use, for example, if an urgent invoice has to be transferred and the account is empty. As long as the salary covers him again and again, he is not a problem. If the salary no longer compensates, the customer should act and apply for an installment loan.

A cash credit in 4 hours is always necessary when there is a quick need for money. Urgent bills, sudden purchases or simply to fulfill your wishes. There are many reasons for a loan, but they all have one thing in common, and the customer’s credit rating must be impeccable. What does the bank mean by this? There must be a sufficiently high income with a attachable share of at least 100 USD. The private credit checker must not be burdened with negative entries and a permanent position is mandatory.

This must not be limited in time, contain no trial period and have existed for at least one year. The customer must also be of legal age. If the loan seeker fulfills all of these conditions, the bank approves a loan. If the customer does not meet them because, for example, the income is too low, a second borrower or a guarantor can increase the credit opportunities. Real estate or other valuable collateral, a loanable life insurance are also things that banks recognize as credit protection.

Before applying for a cash loan, the customer should obtain self-disclosure from his private credit checker. From this he can see whether and what negative entries he has. If necessary, an entry could be deleted because it has long been completed. The advantage here is the increase in creditworthiness.

A budget should also be drawn up. This is particularly important when there are other liabilities or installments to be paid. This plan can be used to compare income with expenditure. If there is financial scope, the cash loan could be successful in 4 hours.

The best way to get the customer the cash credit in 4 hours is to go to a local branch bank. It is important that all the necessary credit documents are together and that a valid ID card is available. In addition, an appointment should be made in advance. The bank checks the private credit checker and checks the creditworthiness documents such as pay slips from the last three months, bank statements from the same period and a copy of the employment contract.

If the documents and the private credit checker are in order, the loan application is completed and signed. The customer can then receive his credit in cash or transfer it to his account. A cash loan is not faster in 4 hours. The whole procedure takes about an hour.

The credit process

The credit process

Before applying for the cash loan, the customer should find out which lender also offers it. Important when considering an online loan. The credit process with these banks is always the same. The customer submits the application by filling out the form provided and sending it to the bank. This checks the data and issues a preliminary loan approval within a few minutes or a maximum of a few hours.

The bank sends the credit agreement to the customer with a message stating what he must prove. As mentioned above, this is the pay slip and bank statements and a copy of the employment contract. It is important that the documents are complete, if a document is missing, the cash advance is delayed in 4 hours.

The signed loan agreement with the documents is then sent by post and the postident is carried out beforehand, which also happens at the post office. The customer could also carry out identity recognition at a branch of the online bank. Then only the trip to the post office is omitted. The creditworthiness documents must be sent by post.

Upon receipt of the documents, the bank will review them and issue the final loan approval. Many online banks use a simplified test system that is automated. If the customer has a perfect credit rating, the customer will receive the cash credit in 4 hours. If only one condition point is missing, the loan is rejected. The customer will then be checked on a case-by-case basis.

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